All of us rush through life. We don’t even realise how fast the days go by. Almost half of the year has already gone by, and I’m sure the next half will be gone before we know it. Amidst the rush, certain moments make us stop and appreciate the world around us. I’m eternally grateful to modern technology for enabling us to capture rare moments and storing them forever. I love all animals, and have managed to click some nice pictures while rushing through said life. I’m by no means a photographer, and some of these pictures are more than five years old, so the quality might not be very good. But I’m sure all you readers will have smiles on your faces when you are done scrolling down. Stop, take a breather and enjoy 🙂

This camel here is not a fan of rules, it seems 🙂

I think this car was just in the wrong barkway.

This cat has had a rough previous night.

“Oh really? You think me sitting on a wall shelf would make a good picture?”

Amphibians also need a soothing back rub, sometimes!

This one followed me for a full ten minutes and would look sideways whenever I would turn around. I looked carefully, but it wasn’t Bran Stark’s Three Eyed Raven, much to my disappointment.

“Warn me before taking a picture, will you? I’m a great poser!”

This is my favourite one yet. I had pulled my phone out when I saw this cute Great Dane in an auto rickshaw, but I happened to capture this moment that the canine was having with his parent. The reassurance in the parent’s gesture and the utter trust in the dog’s eyes speaks volumes. I hope they are having a great life!

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