Photo Challenge : Transient

This cloud, on its way forward

Spotted a parched mountain

Halted and changed forms

Descended as rain

Drenching the crown

And all that lives beneath

Enlivening the dormant cores

We call life
The cloud never stays for long

It remoulds itself

Into mist, sleet, snow or rain

Giving up its very existence

To quench the planet’s sere
Everyone eagerly awaits

The sight of darkening clouds

Yet as soon as the first drops 

Of liquid life fall down

From the grey canopies

They are forgotten
They say clouds are transient, impermanent


 A seed taking root

A cascading waterfall

A whitening mountain

An overflowing river

Are all gifts

From the ephemeral mass

We call clouds.

(The picture was taken by me last week, from the top of Raigad fort, Maharashtra)
P.S. :- I never mentioned that I won the   Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge last week! 1st prize 😀

You can check out my winning entry here.

So I get to flaunt this badge of honour 😀

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