I’ve been trying to write a limerick for ages

But always end up wasting pages after pages

Textual and handwritten

Drafted and moth-bitten

Writing sure can test the patience of sages!


Grandma’s Letter


While cleaning up an old Almirah,

My hands sensed something rough;

Peered in, took it out,

it was an envelope.

Buff in colour, dog-eared,

It looked quite worn out;

Opened it carefully lest it tore,

But the paper was quite stout.

Inside was a letter,

written by you, Grandmother;

Your beautiful cursive writing

Unlike any other!

It was addressed to my father,

telling him to take care;

Study well, eat proper food,

all the regular motherly fare!

It was written thirty years ago,

I wish I’d found it earlier;

We would’ve read it out to Father,


Making him all the more surlier!

But you’re here no more, Grandma,

You’re somewhere up in the sky;

But I’m glad to have found a new memory 

to remember you by.

I’ll put this letter in a glass frame

and buff it till it gleams,

And I’ll make sure father reads it,

whenever upset he seems!

                  -Ginger tea fanatic